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Our Story

Our company was started after realizing that most third-party Amazon sellers are only in it for themselves. They're simply not interested in adding value to the brands they carry and only want to profit from selling your products. That is why, at First Principle Sales, we take sales back to its first principles - building trust and adding value - resulting in long term, sustainable relationships.

We firmly believe that consistency is the key to adding value to your brand. We rely on over 70 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our day-to-day operations. This is our way of ensuring that you receive the very best, consistently.

Our dedicated team will work closely with your brand to ensure we understand your goals and your vision in order to reach your potential.

What we do

The Amazon marketplace can be a fantastic opportunity for brands to sell their products to customers beyond the reach of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. However, it often comes with a host of problems that are mostly caused by the people who should have your back - your current Amazon sellers.

We have found that MAP violators alone account for the majority of a brand owner's headaches. Unfortunately, most companies lack in-house Amazon experts who can help protect their brands and maximize their sales on the platform.

Our mission is to be an Amazon partner who can do all of that for you without the frustrations you may be experiencing with your current sellers. We do this in one of two ways:​​

Brand Management: This is our complete value solution, where we manage your Amazon presence for you through your own Amazon account, 

Wholesale Partnership: We buy your products from you and resell them on Amazon. 

No matter how you choose to work with us, your brand will always be our primary focus. If something is good for your brand it will be good for us. That's why the key to succeeding on Amazon is choosing the right Amazon partner.


How we do it

This is how we add value to your bottom line as a trusted partner

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Brand management is our complete value solution where we manage your Amazon presence for you through your own Amazon account. This is our premium service offering and how we can add the most long-term and sustainable value to your brand.

Through this process we unlock significant value for brands by consolidating your brand's presence on Amazon. This translates to a greater share of sales going through your own account immediately improving your bottom line.


As brand managers we use the exact steps we would follow for carrying your products on Amazon ourselves; we start by protecting your brand and optimizing your Amazon presence to drive up your sales volume.

If your current Amazon sellers have ever made you wish you could just sell your products on Amazon without them, a brand management expert is exactly what you need.

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Once your brand is fully protected, it's time to focus on growing it. For most brands selling on Amazon only accounts for a small percentage of their sales. We see this as the perfect opportunity for growth and to add value to your bottom line.

Using cutting-edge analytic technology we optimize your product listings to take advantage of the latest consumer buying patterns and behaviors. We also use Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to your product listings. The ad campaigns can be extended to Facebook and Google to expand your product reach and brand presence.

As a wholesale partner we team up with Amazon to fulfil customer orders ensuring speedy delivery and fast turn over of your products. 

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First things first, we need to make sure your brand is protected. We monitor all the listings of products we carry to ensure they are guarded against unauthorized sellers and MAP breakers.


This is the most important step because losing control of your brand on Amazon can risk the relationships you have with your brick-and-mortar partners. Making sure they are happy is crucial because they typically account for more of your sales than Amazon does.

Our team can also help you register any trademarks or patents you have for your products on Amazon Brand Registry. This is an additional step we highly recommend you take to further protect your brand. 


We will teach you the exact methods we use for eliminating offenders from your listings on Amazon. Knowing that you've spent years building your reputation, our number one priority is protecting it.

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